Who We Are

On July 14, 2012, we got married in a barn in Woodruff, SC. On that day we made a covenant with each other before God and our family to use our marriage to further His kingdom. In 2017, I started building custom farmhouse furniture. It was right after we started doing Foster Care and ended up adopting 4 of our children. During that time, I learned that furniture and custom decor is more than just a DIY idea, it can be piece of art that creates memories for people to have and hold for a lifetime. In 2021, we started Upstate Party Rentals with the vision of creating opportunities for my high school students (I am also a high school Spanish teacher) to learn the value of hard work and dedication. Now, with the launch of Upstate Wedding Rentals, we are using our love of custom wood  and wedding decor rentals to help couples walk both in covenant and kingdom on their wedding day.